The Power of NPC: According to Our Partners and Clients

NPC prides itself on working closely with clients from every part of the produce supply chain – growers to distributors to restaurateurs. Following are testimonials from clients who represent every part of the produce supply chain who have discovered the benefits of working with NPC.


Another Broken Egg Café
I believe you sum it up best by saying "Truth in transparency"! Love the program so far!

Troy Klamerus

Beachside Produce
NPC was selected for the 2006 Beachside Produce Business Recognition Award. Our firm was nominated, reviewed and selected by their entire staff for consistently displaying sound business practices.

Bob Montgomery 

Blazer Wilkinson, LLC
NPC has always been an industry leader. They provide a real tool for both sides of the produce equation. Accurate and dependable cost analysis for the receivers and fair, consistent returns for the growers. That's a win-win situation.

Scott Blazer

Central Illinois Produce
Over the last decade we have worked on various projects with NPC and I have always found the staff to be helpful and cooperative. NPC's contracts are with quality grower/shippers, and the pricing has always been competitive.

John Rollins

Del Monte Fresh Produce
NPC's customized approach to each program provides individual attention to each account, which increases revenues and cost savings for all parties.
--Tony Campise, Director of New Business Development

Dave Russell

Golden Corral – Corporate
Golden Corral Purchasing is excited to enter our second year of fresh produce contracting with National Produce Consultants and our program grower/shippers and distributors. Our company and franchised operations are having an outstanding year in 2006, with same restaurant sales increases in the 3-5% range company-wide. Few of our competitors can match those numbers. In addition, we will open 30-35 new restaurants over the next 12-14 months.

Telly Smith 

Golden Corral – Gee Brothers & Dulaney, LLC, Franchisee
The new produce program has been great. I can't tell you the exact savings, but I know it has been at least $1000 per month for each store: Bluffton and Beaufort, SC.

Mark Gee

Sirna & Sons Produce
NPC recognizes actual costs, which have many tangibles, and allow correct markups while keeping customers always competitive. We have found contracts which are set up have always been in the customer's best interests. NPC is a hands-on company with answers to questions whenever needed.

Tom Sirna

Mid/West Fresh

Mid/West has been with NPC for 24 years now. We have built a solid relationship built on both parties treating our shared customer base with fair pricing and quality products. NPC has pioneered customer procurement programs based on quality growers who exemplify sustainable growing practices. All parties have saved and made money with these contracts. Almost always on extreme and volatile markets NPC growers have held firm on contract pricing when in fact it was not in their best interest. Grower commitment to the NPC model was paramount. If you’re looking to control cost and work with a competitive edge NPC would be a great partner!

Stan Hunt

The Produce Exchange

working with NPC has been a benefit to our company. It has created opportunities that have led into some great long lasting and mutually rewarding partnerships. The NPC organization I have been working with over the years have been very fair at understanding the seasonal challenges that come up in the produce industry, and have allowed us to transform them into an acceptable level of reliability. NPC digs in and puts the energy into creating the ‘win-wins’ between the grower community and a satisfied end user.

Edward Gotterba

Sol Group Marketing

I feel that working with NPC this past year was a good stepping stone to increased business in the arena of direct chain/food-service operators that we had never experienced. Sol Group, as the largest melon Import Season Grower, Packer, Shipper has predominantly been retail-focused these past 10 years of explosive volume growth. We felt that entering into this agreement was a good fit for us to be exposed to a wide-ranging set of new operators (i.e. Edible, Golden Corral, Aramark) where we could showcase our consistency & excellent quality. We welcome any constructive feedback (or criticism) of our program & definitely want to increase our relationship & exponentially increase our volume commitment for the next season & for years to come…

Matthew N. Tanner

Gold Coast Packing

I've been working with Tony and NPC, LLC over the last 15 years. I believe that the companies that I have worked for over this time have all benefited from working with NPC, LLC. I would think that my experience with NPC, LLC is shared with your other suppliers, distributors and end users. From what I have observed over the years I would think that all parties have something to gain from this association and that all parties can quantitatively show the benefits fairly easy.

David Johnson

Romas R us Inc.

Since we started working with you guys the issues that use to take months to resolve have been quick and practical solutions applied to most of the areas regarding shipping and credits in a brief manner and that to me makes for a great improvement. All I can say to any potential customer out there is that my experience as head of Romas R Us Inc. has been great and look forward to a long relationship with NPC for years to come.

Ricardo Meier

Pleasant Valley Potatoes

NPC has given us the opportunity to contract with quality restaurant concepts at a fair price. NPC assures that the terms of the contract are honored on both sides. NPC is a valued and trusted business partner. We appreciate our association with them. Working with NPC has been successful because of their commitment to excellence and equity. Through NPC, we’ve been able to expand our business with quality distributors due to the contracts NPC negotiates with outstanding national restaurant and foodservice concepts. Working with them is a “win-win”. NPC’s network of grower partners is vast and includes the finest grower/shippers in the country for every produce category.

Ryan Wahlen

J&J Produce Company, Inc.

NPC gives us the reliability of being able to offer the client the best the market has to offer by contracting with reputable grower/shippers. This also gives the guarantee of the best pricing available with stability during adverse market swings. NPC brings an impressive client list to vendors matching them in a quality relationship offering further growth and advancement. I highly recommend an association with NPC if the opportunity exists. They offer cutting edge technology, a stable client base, and a complete grower contract program. A partnership with NPC will only enhance an operator’s investment in their future.

Ricky Nause


NPC’s professional staff has challenged us to be on the cutting edge of distribution. The expectations of the NPC distributors pushes us to be better for all of our customers. Whether it be Customer Service, Sourcing, Transportation, or Information Technology, their knowledge of the produce business serves both their customers and their distributors. NPC follows up on their sales pitch with performance

Steven Monteverde