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For over 25 years, the NPC team has developed fresh produce supply solutions for a diverse list of clients. The specialists at NPC have extensive experience in every phase of the produce supply chain, from Farm to Fork: experience augmented by an extensive investment in Information Technology software platforms. NPC prides itself on being small enough to provide personal attention to clients, but big enough to bring leverage to benefit the largest multi-unit chains in the U.S and Canada.

Words like responsiveness, transparency, honesty and integrity are a key part of the NPC client service vocabulary.

Tony Forsythe, President
Leading the team is President and Chief Visionary, Tony Forsythe. Tony worked his way up through independent distributors and broadliners, and today has nearly 30 years of diverse industry experience. He believes that in order to manage the fork, you have to see the farm, so his background in procurement and logistics is , is and believes, “You have to touch it, see it, and feel it” to get a real sense of produce. He’s often found touring farms with clients or on his own. He has personally been to growing areas in nearly
35 states, and visited over 175 distributors. He brings his faith-based beliefs to bear in the personal industry relationships he and NPC, LLC. has built.

Tony is backed by a solid team with over 100 years of produce industry experience. Feel free to reach out directly to any member of the NPC team:

NPC Office: 800.213.6699
Locally: 972.423.2330
Fax: 972.423.2667

NPC Management Team

Tony Forsythe
800.213.6699 - office
214.395.3311 – cell 

Courtney Dyess-Mam
Vice President 
800.213.6699 – office
214.886.7349 – cell

David Kirkland
Director of Procurement
800.213.6699 - office 
972-802-9087- cell

Marlene Boychak
IT Business Manager
800.213.6699 - office 
214.403.5406 - cell

Supplier Audit Team

Chris Skinner
Mark White


Homer Forsythe
Logistics / A/R-A/P Contact D&T
972.423.2330 – office

National Account Management Team

Larry Hertzler
National Account Manager, Special Projects
800.213.6699 – office
214.476.3912 – cell

Karin Lamb
Sr. National Accounts Manager/Compliance
800.213.6699 – office
214.766.4878 – cell

Buna Mam
National Accounts/Support Coordinator
800.213.6699 – office
469.525.2567 – cell

Tiffany Solis
National Accounts
800.213.6699 – office
972.802.9089 – cell

Maritza Davis
National Account Manager
800.213.6699 – office
214.552.3947 – cell

Desiree Forsythe
National Accounts Manager/Food Safety
800.213.6699 – office
214.924.0069 – cell

Ashley Andreason
Administative Support 
800.213.6699 – office

Procurement Team

Ricardo Carrillo
Corporate Chef/Procurement Consultant
800.213.6699 – office
214.552.3416 - cell

Olivia Robertson
Sourcing Manager
800.213.6699 – office
972.896.3039 – cell

Dennis Holder
Sourcing Manager
800.213.6699 – office

IT Department

Sonal More
Data/Rporting Analyst
(800) 213-6699 - Office

Patricia Taylor
Data Entry/Online Support
(800) 213-6699 - Office


Vishnu Goyal

Sreedhar Katta


Sheri Proske
Staff Accountant
800.213.6699 - office

Food Safety Scientist

Amit Morey, Ph.D.
Dr. Morey's Website

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