Optimizing Performance through Innovative Technology

NPC, LLC. pioneered the use of technology in putting trust back into produce procurement. Proprietary programs like NPC’s PCMS (Produce Cost Management System) and OES (Order Entry System) provide unparalleled transparency and protection from unexpected costs.

Produce Cost Management System (PCMS)

Successful purchasing practices can make the difference between a restaurant that gets ahead and looks to expand, and one that consistently struggles to get by. NPC's PCMS puts you in control and on the right track with a suite of efficient, easy-to-use tools and the power of up-to-date information.

NPC’s Procurement & Spend Analytics enable restaurant chains and institutional organizations to optimize their supply side performance by integrating data and allowing executives, managers and frontline employees to make more informed decisions. These tools provide increased transparency in the procure-to-pay process, comprehensive spend and procurement analysis, supplier performance analysis and supplier payables analysis. Indeed, as clients become more and more experienced with NPC systems and reports, some are able to begin "in-sourcing" produce procurement.

The essential elements of the PCMS program are:

  • Daily FOB Updates
  • Long-term Relationships
  • Consolidation of Distributors
  • Ongoing Exchange of Information
  • World-Class Costing Objectives
  • Continuous Quality Control and Improvement
  • Meeting Service Requirements
  • Weekly Market Outlook
  • Monthly Reconciliation
  • Quarterly Savings Reports

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