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NPC, LLC pioneered the use of technology for produce procurement by emphasizing trust and transparency. Our proprietary Produce Cost Management System (PCMS) alongside our (OES) Online Ordering platform helps better ensure restaurant chains have assured programmed controls over all components of their produce spend – no surprises, no rebates, no hidden profit centers, no exceptions. Web-based access to these programs at the higher level allows local managers and franchised owner/operators to spend more time at the front of the store which generally makes the biggest impact, while feeling comfortable the back of the store is being controlled. The process begins with a commitment to YOUR grower-shipper suppliers and a shared interest of looking outside the box at supporting sustainable farming of safe, high-quality produce and better yields and weights, thus creating a positive end user ROI.

Service 1
Produce Cost Management System

PCMS provides unparalleled transparency and protection from unexpected costs through distributor road test reporting, grower/shipper market analytics, sell price trend reports, weekly price matrix’s and numerous other elements. NPC's PCMS puts you in control and on the right track with a suite of efficient, easy-to-use tools and the power of up-to-date information.

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Service 2
Online Ordering System

OES was developed by NPC’s own software development team. It ensures growers, shippers and clients have access to reliable, easy-to-use data on a nearly real-time basis. OES provides a single access point for organizations to view data nationwide, across multiple service regions and distribution partners. The site employs SSL certificates to ensure secure access from both Internet and intranet. Distributors can integrate with OES using flat files, web service, or EDI technologies.

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Service 3
Food Safety / Due Diligence

NPC is committed to preserving and protecting food safety at ALL levels, From Farm to ForkTM. We have developed a proprietary system called PASS (Produce Alert Safety System). The system is designed to ensure appropriate and affected parts of the produce supply chain are immediately informed of any safety issue.

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Service 4
Hands-On Training

An informed operator can drive down costs, which in turn reduces overall food spend, cost of goods. That’s why NPC, LLC offers education and training seminars to all clients: in the office and in the field. The seminar curriculum includes practical applications, along with updated produce information, handling techniques and industry guidelines. NPC's commitment to enhancing industry practices is primarily based on the value of having an informed and educated community of buyers and sellers. 

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Service 5
Realtime Invoice Audits / Advanced Shipping Notification

NPC has strategically implemented Advanced shipping notice (ASN) Notifications within our Online Ordering interface across the country. Hence providing our valued customers with a fully-managed auditable fresh produce program that not only includes DAILY price verification, but now including Real Time Shipping ASN(s). Our Team is actively working with aligned distributors to provide BIG DATA, REAL TIME!

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Service 6
Distribution Network

NPC currently works with over 100 distributors across the United States and that number is consistently growing. NPC monitors national Freight-on-Board (FOB) markets and establishes weekly pricing based on actual market conditions and an approved distributor markup. This part of the program calls for the chosen distributors to submit their "delivered cost" weekly for review. Freight is assessed daily, which, for those on the East Coast, is up to 50% of distributors' auditable costs.

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Service 7
Market Reports

NPC releases a full Market Report every Friday evening in English. This same report is then made available the following Monday in Spanish. We also release a mid-week update to notify you of any commodities on ALERT or on the RADAR. This report contains everything from weather, transportation, current news, and market conditions on major produce commodities. Its focus is on quality, availability and cost. 

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Servicec 8
Trends & Timelines

NPC, LLC. has the ability to show the last 5-7 years market FOBs compared to numerous contract designs. NPC's industry-leading information database provides thorough information to guide the design of a structured procurement program based on your needs and menu requirements.

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Service 9
Lettuce Talk

NPC releases a quarterly publication written by our in house Chef & Procurement Specialist Ricardo Carrillo. Each edition provides new insight into the seasonality within the business, up and coming commodities, recipes, and fun facts relatable to the fresh produce industry.

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